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Customs. Order Process introduction

Ordering custom fit garment is very personal & exciting step.
Silent Beauté Corsetry will work hard to meet your preferences, wishes & make whole process as simple as possible.
Please, read article below & let us know if you have any questions.


All steps will be supported by Silent Beauté & every question will be advised.
Choosing your style/design
Choose any style of garment from our Online collection or tell us about your ideas & wishes regardless your design.
Prices on all garments are absolutely different & will be given to you according to the size, level of construction, customisation & chosen fabric.
Get a Quote for your customs.

Online Catalog

Making payment/ placing deposit
In order to process your order & start all necessary preparations, please, place a 50% deposit or make a full payment for an order.
There are 3 payment options available for you.
Note: deposit is non-refundable & will be automatically deducted from the full price of the garment.

Taking your measurements (2 ways)

On distance: Please, provide us with your accurate body measurements through our Measurements Online Forms.

In person: a corsetière
will take your professional measurements in our woorkroom & discuss all details regardless of your future garment.

Measurements instructions

Waiting for completing of construction of your block (pattern) & Test garment (if requested).
After receiving your measurements, the process of constructing your personal block (pattern) & Test garment (Toile/Mock-up) will begin.
On this process allow 2 weeks.

Receiving your Test garment (for remote fitting only).
On distance: You will be notified, when Test garment (Toile/Mock-up) will be finished & ready to be shipped to you on the verified address.

In person: You will be notified, when Test garment (Toile/Mock-up) will be finished & ready for a first fitting in-person.

Your first Fitting session
On distance: When you receive Test garment (Toile/Mock-up), please, test it by wearing it for a while. Curtain pictures of your torso will be needed.
All instructions & details will be included in your "Remote fitting package".

In person: during meeting in person your corsetière will make necessary measurements, alterations and markings on Test garment, will check a fit and will make necessary changes in the same day.
Note: In the perfect world, you will need to go through several Fitting sessions. Sometimes it takes just one Fitting session to get everything right, but it's not always the case. F
ittings is a critical step for any high quality custom made garments. Fittings allow to check the fit, correct details & alter the pattern before the finished garment is made. Second, third, etc. fittings often depends on how big modifications are needed after first Fitting process. Any alterations that have been made since the first fitting will be revisited in the second fitting (if necessary). The detailing will be looked at & discussed.

Returning Test garment (for remote fitting only).
After Fitting session is complete, please, ship your Test garment (Toile, Mock-up) back to Silent Beauté.

Waiting for finishing your garment.
Once all fitting sessions are passed & everyone is happy with the fit, your pattern will be altered according to all modifications during Fitting process.
Beautiful fashion fabric & all embellishments will be applied &
your garment will be made to a finished product.
You will be notified when this process will be complete

8. Completing Payment of remaining balance (if it was not paid in full)
Please, complete your Payment of the remaining balance.

9. Receiving your finished product
After Step 8 is complete, your custom garment will be shipped to you (or available for pick-up) to become a precious part of your wardrobe!